Many customised studies can be envisaged, based on the interests of the client - based on availability of the data.

Examples include:

  • Local content requirements: A product network analysis may be a helpful guide to direct discussions for local content requirements associated with large infrastructure projects. It would show which products localisation have a chance to provide cluster benefits to the economy, as opposed to being potential white elephants.
  • Product sensitivity: If an estimate of the water or energy content of products is available, this could provide an opportunity for deeper insights into the water or energy dynamics underlying the product network.
  • Corruption: Although corruption is always damaging to economic growth, in certain cases it is a dominant effect and in other simply a secondary effect. New Economic Metrics can indicate which is the case.
  • Middle-income trap: It appears that if GDP grow without the required increase in underlying fitness, countries may have a higher change of being locked into a middle-income trap. The following chart depicts the different regimes between countries who are in danger of being locked in and those who are on an escape trajectory:

fig3 copy.001