Service offerings can be customised to client needs. The following list provides an overview of a range of options:

Option 1: Country report
Country fitness analysis. The standard report provide an analysis of the country spectroscopy across time, of fitness by industry sector, product space analysis, growth potential (exit from poverty trap or middle income) for not fully industrialized countries. The report can be expanded on an ad hoc base with specific analysis such as the expected dynamics of product space evolution or proprietary data.

Option 2: GDP anticipation
Annual analysis of GDP trends per country with a confidence probability that those developments will actually occur. Full analysis of the probability distribution for country development in the Fitness-Income plane. Analysis of specific scenarios such as macro geographical areas or economic groups (BRIC, CIVET, etc) and growth dependency on economic factors such as corruption, political instabilities, etc.

Option 3: Customized studies
Customizable studies: e.g. competitiveness and economic fitness of a sub-sets of products depending on their energy content and water content.

Option 4: New scientific insights
Early access and setting direction of new developments and applications with the set of economic fitness tools.